Les phtalates et fourmis : pour en savoir plus sur les sites anglophones

Ants and phthalates in English websites

- Ant cuticles provide a useful basis for reflection, by Leo Goeyens, LIFE AND CHEMISTRY OFFICE, August, 2016. Pdf

- Ant Study Deepens Concern About Plastic Additives, by David Jolly, New York Time Green Blog, 7 janvier 2013. Pdf

- What's in the pants of ants in France? de environmentaldefence.ca, 11 janvier 2013. Pdf

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- Study Finds Ants Are Contaminated With Phthalates, a Widespread Plastic Additive
by Morgana Matus, 01/09/13 (
http://www.Inhabitat.com). Voir aussi http://www.theplasticfreetimes

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